About Us


Papermax customers span across N. America, C. America, and S. America, with an annual consumption of over 150,000 tonnes. We partner with our Asia paper suppliers in these regions, and have more than 25 years in the international paper and board industry. Our experience and partnerships enable us to offer you an extensive network of suppliers and facilities with the finest manufacturing capabilities.

Our advantages include:

  • Quality products delivered on schedule & on budget
  • Cost reductions through supply chain & process efficiency
  • Expert global printing and packaging production, and logistics sourcing
  • Modern production capabilities
  • Environmental suppliers and corporate compliance assurance, with a large offering of certified paper and board products

Papermax sources globally for pulpwood products only from mills that are committed to the protection of large landscape conservation forests. Our strategic alliances within the global supplier network have made us a leading paper and packaging distributor.

Customer Services Representative

Our customers and employees are our valued partners.Our values of excellence, integrity and respect are lived every day and help guide the decisions we make. We strive to create a working environment that practices good corporate citizenship, is safe, inclusive, collaborative and innovative.

Our ability to meet the needs of our global markets hinges on equipping our people with skills, knowledge, and technology in an economically challenging world. Papermax’s commitment to career and personal development through training and education is therefore a top priority.